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Who we are

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Our team

Our team consists of immigrants, from Poland, Phillipines and India who want to empower people from all walks of life and create a community of doers and creators.

Adrian Grobelny, a first generation Polish-American, was born and raised in the Bay Area in California. Growing up, he frequently volunteered in his local Polish community, mentored underprivileged high school students, and competed in Latin ballroom competitions across the nation. Now, he's an Investment Specialist at Marcus & Millichap in San Diego, California.

Jed Tabernero, who was born and raised in Las Pinas City in the Philippines, immigrated to the United States at 18 to start a new life. From being a janitor to a cashier at Burger King to a student at UC Berkeley, Jed's journey in the United States has exposed him to many people from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Today, he works as a Financial Analyst at Amazon and is passionate about development economics.

Shikher Bhandary was born and raised in Bangalore, India before moving to New York to study at Columbia University. While there, he was hooked on  healthcare and technology and decided to move to Los Angeles to work on pacemakers at Abbott Cardiovascular. After a couple of years, he sought out a new challenge and jumped into the semiconductor space at Intel.

Our mission

The internet is overwhelming, it presents us with dizzying amounts of information everyday that is hard to navigate and make sense of. As scholar Clay Shirky puts it, "There's no such thing as information overload. There's only filter failure."

At Things Have Changed, we aim to be the filter for quality; to distill empowering technological and economic information, specifically the things that matter in the coming years, and the things that have changed in the past.

We aim to create a level playing field by hosting diverse voices from across the world, as we viscerally believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity isn't.

Our origin

Through an online encounter during the search for a sane roommate, Jed and Shikher decided to live together in Phoenix, AZ. Adrian, Jed’s friend (and ex-roommate from UC Berkeley), decided to visit one week. The three of us went on a hike to the ominous Camelback mountain.

While we were scaling the mountain, we chatted about the things that have been changing around the world. What started as just a fun chat led to us dreaming of starting a podcast together, one that’s not only a chill conversation amongst friends, but one that leaves the listener with actionable insights to navigate the ever-changing tomorrow. And just like that... Things Have Changed was born.

It’s crazy to think that the moment all three of us were together for the first time, we decided to start THC. Each of us grew up in different countries, with different backgrounds and professions. But we realized that each of us is a curious young adult, craving to be part of a community of doers and creators. So we thought, "shucks, why not just build one ourselves."

Things Have Changed Podcast about

Our wonderful community

Things Have Changed wants to empower people from all walks of life and create a community of doers & creators.

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What a great podcast to accompany my third “once in a lifetime” event: including amazing AI advancements, another recession, and the famous COVID-19 pandemic.

Kiyetet Mbutcho

I really enjoy the format of the episodes, especially when you have these really unique guests on explaining their thought processes behind founding their startups.

Ashwin Kumar

Love the direction this podcast is going in! The hosts are great interviewers and have attracted a wide variety of guests. I was fortunate to be an early guest and hope to come back soon for round two!

Dylan Terrill

Highly recommend this podcast if you’re looking for some casual yet educated conversations. Their knowledge on the topics they discuss is impressive (they really do their research).

Nicholas Wai