How the Cannabis Industry Saw Big Change in 2020

How the Cannabis Industry Saw Big Change in 2020

Show Notes

The Cannabis Industry has been changing for a while. Years of activism and millions of dollars of investment have come and 2020 has been the year that served as the step right before federal acceptance. Today, 230 million Americans live in a state that has access to either medical or recreational cannabis. This would have been unimaginable in the 1970's during the peak of the drug war.

In the 70's, about 84% of Americans thought marijuana should be federally illegal! Today, about 67% of Americans think the opposite. The massive face-lift has upended the industry. More and more Cannabis reform is being passed through the isles of the American institutions and the people are demanding a better system for Cannabis Regulation.

We've summarized our thoughts from the two Cannabis entrepreneurs we've had on the show: Stacey Hronowsi and David Hua. Stacey Hronowski founded Canix, a company that helps entrepreneurs track the required seed-to-sale componenets of running a Cannabis company. David, or Hua, on the other hand founded a company called Meadow, if you live in California, you've seen their POS system in store! Meadow is more than that tho, they also build the back-end infrastructure for the companies to adapt to COVID lock-down restrictions by opening options for delivery, pick-up, and other activities that allowed Cannabis companies to stay open.

Both of these founders are advocates in the space and provide us with amazing insight into industry!

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