How Vietnam Transformed into a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

How Vietnam Transformed into a Global Manufacturing Powerhouse

Show Notes

Ever wondered how a nation transforms from a war-torn past to a thriving economic powerhouse?

Vietnam's transformation has been nothing short of astonishing, as it deftly navigated through technological advancements and strategic partnerships to establish itself as a pivotal player in the global trade landscape. This Asian nation, is now a central hub for manufacturing, produces a wide range of goods, from shoes to cutting-edge technology, harnessing the potential of the internet, smartphones, cloud computing, and data.

If you are currently listening to this podcast on a smartphone, there's a significant likelihood that the device was manufactured in Vietnam. Notably, mobile phones represent Vietnam's top export, generating export revenues exceeding $45 billion in 2017. In a period when global trade has stagnated, Vietnam's trade has skyrocketed, accounting for 190 percent of its GDP in 2017, up from 70 percent in 2007.

So, how did Vietnam emerge as a manufacturing powerhouse? In this episode of the Things Have Changed Podcast, we shine a spotlight on Vietnam and explore how the nation has firmly positioned itself as a vital player in Asian global trade, offering a fresh narrative of prosperity in the era of Slowbalization. Join us as we delve into the heart of Vietnam's economic renaissance


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