How About:Energy is Revolutionizing Battery Research & Development - with Gavin White

How About:Energy is Revolutionizing Battery Research & Development - with Gavin White

Show Notes

It seems like every electronic device these days involves some type of battery - your phone, your laptop, and even your CAR! We had another year of SuperBowls boasting new EV production cars from traditional manufacturers like GM, Honda, and Hyundai. The consumers have spoken and the demand for EV's cannot be stopped!

But what's taking so long to get to an electrified future? Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to create battery technology? Traditionally, battery research has been a slow and expensive process, with many iterations of trial and error required to find the optimal combination of materials and design. About:Energy aims to change this!

Today, on Things Have Changed, we chat with Gavin White, Co-Founder & CEO of About:Energy, revolutionizing the battery industry by building a software platform that helps researchers & institutions design and optimize batteries more efficiently.

Gavin discusses in detail the process of building a battery tech company in the age of sustainability:

🤔 Concept & Prototyping during his PhD

⭐️ Commercialization & Building “The Voltt” Software Platform

💊 Pain points & Tradeoffs in the Battery Development Cycle

The Voltt platform speeds up the research process while allowing for a much broader exploration of the design space, potentially unlocking new breakthroughs in battery technology.

The THC team are super excited to see how Gavin & Kieran’s team, continue to innovate  towards a sustainable and better future.

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