What the Future of Nicotine Looks Like – with John Coogan

What the Future of Nicotine Looks Like – with John Coogan

Show Notes

Smoking kills a person every 5 seconds!

Seventy-four percent of Americans who smoke say they would like to give it up per a recent study. Although quitting can be a challenge, there are a number of methods that have been proven to help, including nicotine gum.

Using nicotine gum decreased the odds of lapsing by 55% compared with using placebo, in a recent well cited publication in PubMed. The science behind harm reduction products in comparison to smoking seems to hold true, and COVID has provided a wake-up call, as smokers turn to alternatives in record numbers.

Lucy was founded by John & David, founders of Soylent, who were dissatisfied with the traditional nicotine options, “nicotine replacement therapies,” or NRTs available and decided there had to be a better way. The goal was to decouple nicotine from the tobacco plant, with its smoke and tar, thereby allowing smokers to still enjoy mood and performance benefits while minimizing negative health effects and the risk of dependence.

In Part 2 of our conversation with John Coogan, he dives into his new company Lucy's goal to be the viable Nicotine alternative needed to encourage people to move away from legacy tobacco products.

Listen to Part 1 of John Coogan's conversation with Things Have Changed where we dive into the origins of Soylent and building it into a cult brand!

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