Taste the Revolution: The Wild Foods' Impactful Journey with Patrick Hardy

Taste the Revolution: The Wild Foods' Impactful Journey with Patrick Hardy

Show Notes

There is an alarming trend taking place in South America : the steady rise in obesity rates. Despite all the ads and talk about eating healthy, the truth is that getting access to nutritious foods is still a struggle.

In response to this growing health crisis, The Wild Foods has emerged as a game-changer. Our guest today is Patrick Hardy, the Chief Operating Officer of Wild Foods, is at the forefront of this revolution. Hailing from Chile, WildFoods is a consumer packaged goods company committed to disrupting the entire food and beverage industry by producing healthy and sustainable food products.

Patrick takes us through Wild Foods' remarkable journey, sharing the CPG company's strategies that include:

  1. Focus not just on Healthy products but easily accessible, delicious, and appealing to consumers
  2. Leveraging unique digital marketing and bold ad campaigns,  to set itself apart in the competitive food industry
  3. Growth to new markets like Mexico by adapting to local tastes and regulations.

Join us on the Things Have Changed Podcast to hear from Patrick Hardy and find out how WildFoods is making healthy eating fun and doable, turning things around in a world full of processed food, and setting new standards for what's on our plates.

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