How Holistic Health and Wellness Is Going Digital – with Dylan Terrill

How Holistic Health and Wellness Is Going Digital – with Dylan Terrill

Show Notes

As technology disrupts different parts of the economy, healthcare is one that is burdened with huge regulation risk but also provides a direct and measurable result. In 2020, we saw the COVID-19 pandemic seriously overshadow other healthcare concerns but what happened to the rest? Mental Health, a growing problem in the United States, was under the spotlight again as people deal with isolation.

Today, we speak to someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Dylan Terrill, the co-founder and CEO of Chara Health. He's built a platform that creates a space for curious individuals seeking their own health and wellness journey.  They have over 2500 providers across 51 specialties in 49 states!

The holistic health industry is growing! I'm sure you've heard of the slew of business leaders that use meditation as a part of their daily routine in order to highlight the importance of wellness. There are so many ways we can stay ahead of your own wellness.

One interesting trend is digital health (Wether it be traditional or non-traditional). Just in 2020, digital health has grown a significant amount! Have you heard about Headspace? The meditation app that now has an option for Kevin Hart to guide your meditation (I know... How does a comedian help me meditate?).. But the visibility around this product is huge! Now.. Starbucks is partnering up with Headspace to include meditation as part of your daily routine.

Check out our conversation with Dylan and learn how he is building the future of holistic health!

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