Can AI Prevent an Over-Supply of Clothing? – with Nick Clayton

Can AI Prevent an Over-Supply of Clothing? – with Nick Clayton

Show Notes

Humans produce 13 Million Tons of Textile waste annually!

Today's guest aims to do something about it, by reimagining the creative process of creating clothing.
Nick Clayton is the CTO & Co-Founder of Savitude, a fashion tech company that aims to use its cutting edge Artificial Intelligence platform to bring your excess clothing inventory to zero.

Savitude was created by industry stalwarts such as Camilla Olson & Jungah Lee, who with the technological backing of Nick Clayton realized they could create a solution to fix the fashion industry problem of designing clothes for one body shape.

Currently, there is a huge problem linking fit, body shape, returns and excess inventory.

Savitude solves this by changing the way clothes are designed and sold from the ground up. Their curation technology solution enables fashion designers deliver the latest styles for all body shapes, with a quicker time to market, resulting in lesser returns and reducing inventory.
Taking ideas and parsing data to automate the sketching process thereby allowing the designers to quickly iterating the design process and get to market faster

Additionally, Savitude's intelligent software products augments the creative ability of a fashion designer, & refashions clothes with unique design details to resonate with a brand’s customer base.

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