Do You Feel Weird Throwing Away Your Tech? – with Charles Duffy

Do You Feel Weird Throwing Away Your Tech? – with Charles Duffy

Show Notes

How many times have you had to throw away your electronics because they were out of date? Or not repairable? The result is a growing mountain of e-waste.

E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing trash problem. Humans generate the equivalent of 4,500 Eiffel Towers of electronic waste in a single year. Yet just 20% gets collected and recycled. This has people calling for products that are no longer designed for obsolescence, but designed to last and keep pace with rapid advancements in technology.

Our guest today is Charles Duffy, the Founder of Biscuit, a company creating repairable and upgradable wireless battery chargers. He starts with a simple question: "Do you feel weird throwing away your tech?"

Biscuit's approach is to design wireless chargers which will be the last chargers you’ll ever need. This novel concept has garnered a huge following and led to almost $100K pledged on Biscuit's Kickstarter campaign.

We sat down with Charles and chatted about all things Biscuit as well as designing, manufacturing, marketing a one-and-done product that is as easy on the eyes as it is to our planet.

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