What Will Farms of the Future Look Like?

What Will Farms of the Future Look Like?

Show Notes

Food is the very nourishment of life. Climate change, population growth and population density have come to challenge the way we feed ourselves. Let's look at some factors that are affecting the way we grow food:

  • World’s population is in more urbanized areas - 60% of the population lives in cities
  • Farms Waste Much of World's Water - On average, farms around the world account for 70% of all water that is consumed annually.
  • Demand for locally grown food in urban areas is rising - For environmental reasons, as well as efficiency and ability to have produce that is often damaged during transport (e.g. berries)

One of the emerging solutions is vertical farming and its different techniques. In this episode, we talk through how vertical farming can be a viable solution for highly urbanized areas and in the shift to sustainable food growth.

The very way we make our food is changing.. what will the farms of the future look like? Tune into this episode to find out!

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