Can Decarbonization Strategies Be Cost-Effective? – with Maria Fujihara

Can Decarbonization Strategies Be Cost-Effective? – with Maria Fujihara

Show Notes

Climate change is upon us and there is an increasing demand for sustainability. In this episode, we talk to one of the entrepreneurs leading the fight against Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Maria Fujihara, is CEO & Founder of SINAI Technologies, a company that provides the technology to automate and consolidate Corporate Carbon Strategy. SINAI is a platform to help businesses not only become carbon neutral, but carbon negative using climate finance!

Additionally, Maria was the only Brazilian female founder during the Y Combinator W20 Batch.

A lifelong environmentalist, Maria has been a force within the sustainability space, she is also one of the main drivers of launching the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in Brazil, Chile, Peru, and other parts of Latin America.

With the oversight of famed environmentalist, Paul Hawkin, Maria launched Project Drawdown, which maps, models, measures, and describes the 100 most sustainable solutions to global warming. Join us in this fun and informative conversation with one of the leading voices in Sustainability & green businesses.

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