How Batteries Will Power the Next Technology Era - with Nicholas Yiu and Yen Yeh

How Batteries Will Power the Next Technology Era - with Nicholas Yiu and Yen Yeh

Show Notes

A global transition to clean energy is underway.  What technologies will be essential to this zero emission future? Governments and Companies across the world, have set ambitious goals to achieve net zero emissions in Transportation, Heating and Cooling and even the Industrial sectors by the middle of the 21st century. This move to renewable energy means that the future of batteries is inextricably linked to the overall energy transition.

Batteries are a key enabling technology, and in many cases considered the 'glue of the clean-energy economy”. The electrified world requires batteries to store and power the future, and from what we've seen in the past few decades, there's lots to be optimistic about.

Battery costs have decreased significantly - Lithium battery costs have fallen by a staggering 98% in three decades. All the growth and investments in renewable electricity are starting to add up, and now the battery industry is moving at a breathtaking pace.

Our latest season is one of the most hopeful climate-related deep dives we’ve had in a while.
The first episode features Nicholas Yiu and Yen Yeh, two of the most credible voices within the climate tech space.

Recently, Nick and Yen, through their organizations  Intercalation and BatteryBits (Volta Foundation) have published the 2021 Battery Report, which is an accessible overview of the latest battery research, policy and business landscape.

It's a phenomenal piece of work from our brilliant guests, and we at Things Have Changed, highly recommend it.

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