A Sustainable Fashion Brand for Modern Women – with Zana Nanic

A Sustainable Fashion Brand for Modern Women – with Zana Nanic

Show Notes

Zana Nanic, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reclaim a direct to consumer business casual clothing brand that offers working woman top quality and accessible business-casual clothes. Reclaim is an extension of her ethos, merging Italian elegance & quality with Silicon Valley functionality for the modern working woman.

Throughout her career, Zana has been breaking the norm, with sheer willpower & her vision for success. Her journey has been nothing short of incredible & the resilience in her pursuit. Born in troubled Communist Yugoslavia, Zana’s family fled to Italy just prior the unrest resulted in her home country to be dissolved.

In Milan, her family trying to make ends meet started an apparel business. At a very young age, she was involved hands on deck within the business, selling door to door with her mother. Today, she has come full circle as she runs her own company: Reclaim, a business casual fashion brand that is based on enclothed cognition.

She started her career at the biggest consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, after which she launched products, grew & managed teams at Uber Italy after which she combined strategy and execution at Google. If that wasn’t enough of a rap sheet, she has a Masters in Economics from London School of Economics & did her MBA at Stanford Business School.

It was here where a class pitch to Eric Schmidt, ex- Google CEO resulted in him writing a check to help her build her dreams, and that 20 slide deck has turned into Reclaim

We also talk history of Fashion, the role Italy has played in it, and how she's leveraging the varied experiences in consulting, tech & biz school to scale her very own D2C brand.

Check out her incredible collection - This is Reclaim

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