Flexible Co-Working Spaces for All – with Shesh Paplikar

Flexible Co-Working Spaces for All – with Shesh Paplikar

Show Notes

Co-working has clearly shaken up the commercial real estate market.
Offices across the world have been greatly influenced by the autonomy and flexibility that a co working space offers.
The ability to shape your office to match your specific needs, be it optimizing performance and/or collaboration, can be counted as one of the main driver behind companies opting into these agreements & ditching traditional offices.

Today we speak with Shesh Paplikar, CEO and Founder of Beehive Workspace, one of India's largest co-working spaces founded in Bangalore, India.
Shesh is shaking up the Indian workspace environment with solutions to deep rooted challenges that have existed within the traditional office market for decades.

By focusing on reliability of power, connection, and superior service, Shesh is raising the bar of what is expected from Indian Workspace Locations.

In this episode on Things Have Changed, Shesh breaks down the triggers that led to his move from leading at Bloomberg R&D in Manhattan to starting his own company in Bangalore. We understand the dynamics & pricing structures within commercial real estate as well as the hurdles of operating a Co-Working space in a global pandemic.

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