How Companies Can Supercharge Their Brand Visibility with Sneha Saigal's Geeks&Experts

How Companies Can Supercharge Their Brand Visibility with Sneha Saigal's Geeks&Experts

Show Notes

In today's digital world, a company's reputation can turn in an instant! Remember when Cristiano Ronaldo just moved a Coke bottle and suddenly Coca-Cola lost $5 billion in market value? Or that time Pepsi got in hot water over their Kendall Jenner ad? These moments remind us how quickly public sentiment can shift.

Today on the Things Have Changed Podcast, we welcome Sneha Saigal, founder and CEO of Geeks&Experts, who has pioneered PR solutions that empower startups to turn crisis into opportunity. Her innovative approach helps startups by providing scalable PR expertise, crucial for maintaining a positive public image.

Understanding the Role of PR in Business

Public Relations for Startups and Established Companies

Public Relations is often misunderstood and undervalued, especially among startups and small businesses. Unlike quick services like logo design, PR requires a strategic approach and long-term commitment. Companies cannot just throw a bit of money at it and expect magic to happen overnight. PR is about building relationships, maintaining consistent communication, and and really thinking about how you want people to see your brand

Domain-Specific PR Expertise

A company cannot just coopy-paste the PR strategy from another business or startup. Different industries require different PR strategies and applying the right domain specific strategy is key to success. For instance, the PR needs of a fintech company would wildly differ from say a marketing or a beauty brand. Geeks&Experts addresses this by connecting companies with PR specialists who have experience in their specific industry. This targeted approach ensures that the right media relations are established, and the content resonates with the intended audience.

Geeks & Experts: A Unique PR Solution

Flexible PR: A Cost-Effective Approach

Geeks&Experts offers a unique subscription-based model, allowing businesses to hire PR experts part-time. This solution is particularly beneficial for growing companies that want professional PR support without the cost of a full-time team or agency.

Personalized PR for Growth Stage Companies

The subscription model is particularly beneficial for growth stage companies that have experience with large PR firms but want to streamline their budgets. Instead of hiring an entire PR firm, companies can opt for a dedicated PR specialist who is hands-on and more involved in their specific needs. This model not only reduces costs but also ensures more personalized and effective PR strategies.

Startups & Building Relationships in PR

The Human Touch in PR

Building relationships with journalists and media outlets is crucial. Journalists receive numerous pitches daily, and standing out requires more than just a well-crafted email. It's about being a resource, understanding their needs, and building genuine connections. Sneha emphasizes, "Journalists are people too, and they get bombarded with pitches. They have deadlines. So what can you do to be a resource for them and actually help them, rather than making it all about you?"

Networking and Authenticity

For startups, networking and authenticity are key. Sneha shares her experience of gathering the first 100 early adopters for her platform. It involved a lot of humility, listening, and understanding where potential clients gather, whether in Facebook groups, Slack channels, or other founder communities. It's about following the conversation and being present where your audience is.

Transforming an Advertising Agency's PR Strategy

Geeks&Experts' was able to guide a very successful ad agency in their marketing efforts. Despite having all the tools to do PR for their clients, they struggled to promote their own success. Sneha's company helped them effectively tell their story, resulting in media coverage during The Super Bowl! An external partner is important to provide an outside view while having the expertise to craft and disseminate a compelling narrative.

The Role of Technology in Public Relations (PR)

While technology can enhance certain parts of PR, such as social media analysis and finding targeted media outlets, they cannot replace the human touch. Technology can help with brainstorming and repurposing content, but it lacks the ability to understand context, sarcasm, or the nuances of human relationships.

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