How Podcast Recording Is Being Democratized – with Zach Moreno

How Podcast Recording Is Being Democratized – with Zach Moreno

Show Notes

Things Have Changed uses a platform called Squadcast to record our podcast conversations. Prior to using Squadcast, the team used another service that did not allow visual interactions, which caused a strain on our conversations. We did not realize how important it was to see our guests until we joined Squadcast. The quality of the conversations got so much better!

The Bootstrap King

Things Have Changed sat down with Zach Moreno, the founder of Squadcast and the first recipient of our  "BOOTSTRAPPER" award. Zach has spent his life solving problems with his knowledge of being a Full-Stack Web Developer. He used web developing to empower businesses that he worked with. Through doing projects for other companies, he built up his expertise and finally built Squadcast with his long time friend, Rock Felder.

Progressive Recording

Squadcast's goal is to amplify collaboration. The technology behind Squadcast is even more fascinating: it is called Progressive Recording, and it means that Squadcast is constantly uploading that audio data to the cloud as you are recording in real time. For podcast recording, this is vital. As more of the world goes into the internet to communicate, bandwidth might be an increasing cause for concern. Squadcast aims to bridge that gap.

Building Communities

The most fascinating thing about the story of Squadcast is that it was built like Zach had lead his life. He built it is as a community of passionate artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. On the advisory board, there are some podcast giants like Jordan Harbinger, a 13-year podcast veteran; Pat Flyn, creator of Smart Passive Income; Espree Devora, host and creator of the show, Women in Tech; and many more podcasting entrepreneurs.

As you can see already, the team is filled with the leaders in the industry. Squadcast also has a robust feedback loop. If you go through their blog, you will notice that customers have given feedback that has turned into a feature or stories of people who have contributed to the growth of Squadcast.

Check out our conversation with Zach on how he built Squadcast!

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