How We're All Natural Born Entrepreneurs – with Kate Tyshchenko

How We're All Natural Born Entrepreneurs – with Kate Tyshchenko

Show Notes

Success and failure are two facets of the same coin. And no one experiences the thrill of the highs and the anguish of the lows like startup founders do.

In today’s episode we speak with Kate Tyshchenko, founder of Good Cup Project, who shares her riveting story immigrating from Russia to Canada, working within management consulting, and venturing out to impact change.

Kate, graduated with a masters in economics from the University of Regina, & after gaining invaluable experience working for 3 years, she decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship focusing on problems that were present in her day to day life.

Three business ventures in and Kate created The Good Cup Project, a reusable travel mug with built in utensils. The Good Cup aims to lessen plastic waste and for people to live a more conscientious and eco friendly lifestyle.

Kate also reveals the ups and downs of being a solo entrepreneur, the challenges she faced, while rising above the naysayers and the critics.

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