The End of U.S. Dollar Dominance?

The End of U.S. Dollar Dominance?

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Show Notes

The dollar tumbled to a nine-month low against the euro this past week, after data showed U.S. inflation was easing, prompting bets that the Federal Reserve will be less aggressive with rate hikes going forward. But this isn’t new.. The greenback’s share of global foreign-exchange reserves has extended a two-decade decline, but it’s still used more than all other currencies combined.

For decades, the dollar has been the worlds most important currency. You buy energy in dollars, you pay back debts in dollars, and most of world trade is done in dollars. This gives the United States a unique amount of influence which some countries acknowledge is a challenge.

Recently, developing countries including Brazil, Russia, India & China have been steering away from the surging US Dollar, in their global transactions. China, the worlds biggest trading partner, could also start demanding “Yuan” for it’s exports instead of dollars - I mean they’re starting to do that already!

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Inida, China, and South Africa) recently hinted at a plan to “dethrone” the dollar. A system of trade between the countries that could reduce the importance of the dollar for more than 40% of the world population.

The dollar will remain the worlds reserve currency for a while but as the United States sanction countries that do not align with its political agenda, it becomes increasingly clear that dollar dominance comes at the risk of US policy alignment. Will we see the US dollar become less relevant?

So today, on Things Have Changed, we’re going to talk about the US Dollar declines, why the rest of the world celebrates when this happens & the possibility of the US Dollar becoming less dominant as new contenders around the globe emerge!

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