Which Stocks Are Getting Hit Hardest By COVID-19?

Which Stocks Are Getting Hit Hardest By COVID-19?

Show Notes

The leisure industry can be categorized into BEACH stocks:

  • B - Bookings
  • E - Entertainment & Live Events
  • A - Airlines
  • C - Cruise & Casino
  • H - Hotels & resorts

Like FAANG stocks, but none of the upside. The BEACH stocks have cumulatively lost 45%, approximately $332B in value washed away since February due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We talk Disney ($DIS), the golden child of the entertainment and the experiences industry, which has gotten bludgeoned by the coronavirus lockdowns in Q1 2020.
The closure of its theme parks and hotels as well as movie theaters have been disastrous. Operating income fell nearly 40% year over year, from $3.8 billion to $2.4 billion.

However, Disney+ is the lone bright spot in the Q1 earnings call, salvaging their top line - which is up more than 20%. But there's only so much Baby Yoda can do as the streaming business is proving very expensive to run. Operating loss more than doubled year over year, while content & licensing costs are huge, and this is without adding ESPN & Hulu!

Also how much money did the NFL & Superbowl not lose by having the season end in early February?

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