Why Journalists Are Leaving Newsrooms for Newsletters

Why Journalists Are Leaving Newsrooms for Newsletters

Show Notes

Journalist's are leaving media powerhouses for more personal platforms that allow them to build their own brand on.

In a time when the Murdoch Family owns the largest media companies globally including The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, and Fox News, we are seeing an unbundling of news as journalists are leaving big conglomerates to create their own media brands.

By creating personal brands, subscribers are more sticky and engaged with content due to their direct engagement and ability to use data to cater content that people want to consume. Social Media is a huge contributor to allowing journalists and publishers to go independent with their publishing.

In today's age the creator will be the brand, not the publisher.

Tune in to hear about the future of journalism and what we can expect to see in the coming years.

Before you leave, ask yourself how biased is my favorite news reporter?

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