Think Twice Before Buying a New Home This Year

Think Twice Before Buying a New Home This Year

Show Notes

At the current state it would take only 2.5 months to run out of available houses for new homebuyers to purchase.

This is a new low from 40 years back and it’s far from a healthy economy that typically sees 6-10 months of housing inventory. 2021 is the year where working from home is the new norm and tens of thousands of families are relocating to new cities every month.

Even builders are struggling to keep up with demand with a 10-month wait time for construction. Even though we're in the middle of a pandemic the low inventory and high demand for newly constructed single family dwellings is positive sentiment for real estate.

Today on Things Have Changed we break down the residential real estate trends happening, what this means for the economy, and how it affects you as a future homebuyer.

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