Is It Possible to Earn Higher Education for Free? – with Mehak Vohra

Is It Possible to Earn Higher Education for Free? – with Mehak Vohra

Show Notes

Higher education has been ripe for disruption for a long time as the skyrocketing costs have put college degrees out of reach for a significant portion of the population.

Another valid criticism of higher Ed through the years has been that schools do not properly equip students with real-world skills they need in the workplace, and leave them in debt for years as they struggle to pay back student loans.

Add to that a tricky field such as Marketing, where the knowledge gap between University and industry can not be larger than it is today! How do you scale a business in a digital world? How do you build a brand and gather a following, in what is a noisy internet!

Mehak Vohra, CEO & Founder of OnDelta, plans to tackle the above issues head on! OnDelta is a growth marketing school for people looking to kick start their career in growth marketing.
Utilizing a curriculum centered around learning the technical skills to be an effective growth marketer, OnDelta aims to bridge the gap to enable students to become effective growth marketers in the workforce. The biggest differentiator here is that OnDelta is free upfront, you only pay them back after you graduate and are making at least $40k/yr.

A college dropout, self starter, and marketing expert, Mehak has taken the unconventional route to learn everything there is about taking brands to the next level through social media and provides those learnings via OnDelta!

In this episode we cover how the marketing needs of companies are changing, Mehak’s journey to create a full blown online remote academy free of any tuition, and how Mehak is the youngest person to ever to run for mayor in the city of San Francisco!

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