How This Robot Will Make Your Dinner - with Rajagopal Natarajan

How This Robot Will Make Your Dinner - with Rajagopal Natarajan

Show Notes

During the pandemic, the way you’ve eaten has likely changed. Either you ate out less, you cooked more, or you wholeheartedly embraced food delivery such as DoorDash, Deliveroo, Grab, Swiggy or Zomato based on where you live.

The Food Service industry was worth over $900B in 2021 just in North America and it’s only getting bigger. It’s also changing.. you may have experienced it already - with all sorts of new experiences, like food delivery, home chefs, and even robot-made food!

As robots become more and more complex, the tasks they’re able to complete is growing! Roomba’s can clean your house, mow your lawn, The Da Vinci robot by Intuitive aids in surgeries and we haven’t even touched on the scale of robotics in manufacturing industries.

So what about a robot that makes you a meal?

Today, on Things Have Changed, we chat with Rajagopal (Raja) Natarajan, CEO & Co-Founder of Xook, to talk about how his team are pioneering a different type of food experience which involves sophisticated robotics, software and some very delicious meals.

One day soon, a robot will make you a salad. And it might just be a Xook machine 🤖

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