How Microsoft for Startups Is Helping Companies Scale - with Lahini Arunachalam

How Microsoft for Startups Is Helping Companies Scale - with Lahini Arunachalam

Show Notes

Starting and scaling a successful startup has never been easy, but in today's climate, it's more challenging than ever. With recent events, such as the rise in cost of capital, collapse of SVB and the slowdown in venture capital, access to funding and resources has become increasingly difficult. In order for startups to thrive, they require access to appropriate support and resources. This is where Microsoft for Startups plays a pivotal role, offering a distinctive approach to assist early-stage companies in achieving success.

Through its commitment to Microsoft for Startups, the $2 Trillion Tech Giant is making a substantial investment in the realm of startups. Their unique approach is designed to help early-stage companies succeed by providing access to Microsoft resources, technology, and expertise. Joining us on this episode is Lahini Arunachalam, Senior Director of Platform & Growth at Microsoft for Startups, who has dedicated significant time addressing challenges for startups over the years, and now plays a prominent role in Microsoft's initiatives to support and invest in the startup ecosystem

Whether you're a startup founder looking for guidance, an investor interested in the latest trends and innovations, or simply curious about the world of entrepreneurship, this episode is for you. So stay tuned as we dive into the challenges facing startups, the importance of startup accelerators, and how Microsoft for Startups is helping early-stage companies scale.

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