Retail Investors Are Smarter Than You Think – with Lorenzo Ampil

Retail Investors Are Smarter Than You Think – with Lorenzo Ampil

Show Notes

Since the start of the pandemic, retail investors have plowed billions into the market, making calls against institutional investors. With free trading at their fingertips and huge online communities like Wall Street Bets wherein they discuss trading ideas and stock picks, many figure they have a shot against the big guys on Wall Street.

GameStop, AMC & cryptocurrency Doge are some of the most famous 'meme stocks' and their incredible run ups have made many retail investors millions. This also reveals the appetite for risky moonshot bets & could be just the start of a global phenomenon of retail investing going head to head with Wall Street.

Institutional investors typically have access to a wide range of tools and information that puts them at a solid advantage compared to the average retail investor, you. But we sit down with an entrepreneur that thinks things should be different within the investing community.

Lorenzo Ampil is the Co-founder and CTO of Hawksight, an open source investment analysis platform that empowers retail investors to quickly build, test, and optimize their own trading strategies. As a retail investor, it can help inform you to make better trading decisions.

Can retail investors compete in a world riddled with asymmetric information? If you’d like to backtest your own investor strategy, or simply want to learn about the unique advantage that a trading assistant will give you, tune in!

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