What Is Moore’s Law and Are We Coming to the End of It?

What Is Moore’s Law and Are We Coming to the End of It?

Show Notes

As of 2022, approximately 95% of organizations are using cloud computing for their work and nearly 85% of companies have deployed their workload on cloud in 2021. Furthermore, with the rising usage of internet and mobile phones & laptops, digitization is flourishing rapidly.

Cloud computing is clearly here to stay.. and it's still growing.. but what drives the cloud in the physical space?

To continuously expand the capabilities and the capacity of the cloud, we need to build data centers.. and to build data centers.. we need semiconductors. This has been the core technology enabling us to build the future of the cloud. The leading principle of the semiconductor technology can be traced back to the 1960's into the empirical observation of Gordon Moore.

Anything exponential in this world is typically paired with something called "Moore's Law".. Founder of Intel forecasted that the number of components on a chip would double every two years, roughly. That prediction really defined the trajectory of technology as we know it today and it's been a huge growth driver of our economy. A few years ago, leading economists credited the information technology made possible by integrated circuits with a third of US productivity growth since 1974. But as we know in this show, things ALWAYS change and they have.

In this episode, we explore the validity of Moore's law for the foreseeable future and we also speak with an expert in the space of preparing for that inevitable future, Bharath Ramakrishnan

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