How Street Artists Are Spreading Their Message – with Jared Karp

How Street Artists Are Spreading Their Message – with Jared Karp

Show Notes

Kar_part (Jared Karp), is a rising LA street artist and ex-engineer who paints the streets of Los Angeles with elaborate timeless depictions of his understanding of the world.

When Jared studied Mechanical Engineering in UC Berkeley, he discovered product design at the Stanford D-School. Berkeley, at the time, did not have an established discipline for product design engineering. In spite of this, the ever motivated Jared led the effort to bring a D-School to Berkeley & was instrumental in the fund raising for the soon to be known Jacobs Institute for Design.

Before diving into the art world, Jared worked in Abbott Laboratories, with our co-host, Shikher. As a mechanical design engineer, Jared was constantly iterating and creating before venturing outside the corporate world to satiate his need for expressing his art & creativity.

Jared has spent his time creating incredible street art like his depiction of Gretta Thunberg and Elon Musk. Things Have Changed has a casual and fun conversation with Jared about his story as a design engineer turned street artist!

Here are a few places you can check out Jared's work:

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