Autonomous Trucking: Benefits vs Growing Challenges – with Krystian Gebis

Autonomous Trucking: Benefits vs Growing Challenges – with Krystian Gebis

Show Notes

The trucking industry is the lifeblood of the world economy. Nearly 71% of all freight tonnage in North America moves on the back of trucks!

Joined with us today is Krystian Gebis, CEO and founder of Autobon AI. Autobon is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered trucking assistance company that retrofits trucks to help drivers lessen accidents, improve efficiency, and make operating a truck less tedious. We dive into the complexities of the trucking industry and how the combination of novel hardware, software & powerful Artificial Intelligence aims to disrupt the $700 Billion freight market.

Autobon AI wants to turn all trucks into autonomous trucks and this is Part One of our fascinating conversation with Krystian.      

Self-driving trucks will improve safety, enhance truck driver quality of life, increase efficiency, reduce congestion and emissions, and create jobs across the economy.

  • We talk about the growing challenges in the trucking industry from bankruptcies to safety of the truck drivers & the cargo as well as how Autobon's intelligent sensing AI/ machine learning technology aids in alleviating these pains
  • Benefits of Autonomous trucking including more highways, fewer corner cases, lesser complex turns, & less traffic (noise in data)
  • Insurance industry in the age of self driving and monitoring. The premiums that can be generated by companies like Autobon that vastly improves safety of hauling cargo
  • Autonomous cars won't happen without tons of data. Krystian provides his insight into the space and talks about Tesla and the staggering amount of data that their self- driving autopilot systems have generated across different parts of North America and the world including varying weather conditions, from snow, sleet, rain etc. This makes Tesla hard to beat in the race for data for automation & the much touted robotaxis
  • Different levels of autonomy: Level 1 - Level 5 (full automation) & where Autobon aims to fit

Our conversation with Krystian is one of our most detailed and novel episodes where we talk about cutting edge technology disrupting transportation as we know it with one of the pioneers at the fore front of this disruption.

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