Could Gaming Lead Us to the Metaverse?

Could Gaming Lead Us to the Metaverse?

Show Notes

In our last episode, we spoke about how big tech was looking at gaming as a growth strategy. And the way to own the future. The metaverse future!

With FB, Microsoft and Apple pouring billions into this virtual reality, what does the metaverse look like today? Are there some current gaming ecosystems that could be the foundations of the what the metaverse looks like tomorrow?

One of the most promising examples of the metaverse today, Fortnite, held multiple collaborations with artists for concerts in the last 4 years! The Travis Scott Fornite performance had 45 million participants... and they all saw the giant Nike Air Jordans he was wearing..

We dive into one of the most exciting trends in all of tech! Tune in!

From the Opportunities in the Metaverse by JP Morgan:

  • Transactions: Every year, $54B is spent on Virtual Goods (Double the amount spent on buying music)
  • Socialize: Approx. 60 Billion messages are sent in Roblox
  • Create: GDP for Second Life was about $650 million in 2021, with $80M paid to creators
  • Own: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) have a market cap of $41B

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