Cybersecurity: How Nation States Are Hacking Corporations

Cybersecurity: How Nation States Are Hacking Corporations

Show Notes

Cyber-risk has more than quadrupled since 2002 and tripled since 2013. Cyber-attacks are now common across industries.  Just recently, FireEye, one of the top cybersecurity firms in the world today stated that it was hacked by a Nation State.

The work-from-home wave has not helped the state of cyber-insecurity. We largely don’t think of our digital security. And it looks like the government hasn’t really been on top of things as well.

In our first cybersecurity episode, we talked about the recent ransomware attacks crippling city infrastructure and big conglomerates. Today, we talk about what the industry is turning into, and how nation-states are starting to deploy resources to decrease the likelihood of cyber-attacks.

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