Ethical Artificial Intelligence? How AI Is Impacting Our Lives

Ethical Artificial Intelligence? How AI Is Impacting Our Lives

Show Notes

It happened not too long ago, the most complex board game (GO) with as many possible moves as atoms in the Universe was won by an Artificial Intelligence designed by Google to take on the smartest humans. Is this the end of board game gurus and the start of robot domination? We don't know...

AI has been a consistent theme within Things Have Changed over the past year. Episode 6 with Kristian Gebis covered trucking & transportation in the age of AI specifically the 5 levels of self driving autonomy, & Episode 12 dove into intelligent Fashion curation with Savitude Co-Founder Nick Clayton.  In Episode 7, our very own friend and early supporter , Juan Rodriguez from Evolution devices, is mastering the Machine Learning & AI algorithms that enable a wearable device to rehabilitate patients suffering from foot drop.

Looking back, AI has consistently disrupted old jobs while creating new ones. It’s created solutions while bringing up issues that we never had before. For example driverless cars will lower fatality rates, but who will be liable for accidents with robot drivers and how do we regulate this? This dilemma has happened in industries across the board with the computer and manufacturing factories.

Another challenge is the ethics behind it. Who has control over our data, how are they accessing it, and is it being used in a way that is helping us more than it’s hurting us. We saw this in the Social Dilemma, where Tech leaders have had a look behind the curtains of what AI is doing to us users. While tech companies profit from the use of our data, should there be a tax on using personal data and should there be a tax on creating robots that replace jobs?

While it’s scary to see those Black mirror episodes that warn us of the dangers that AI has on society, it still has a place in our lives that can help raise the standard of living and improve our lives in ways we never thought could be possible.

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