How to Break Into the Most In-Demand Job in Tech - with Diego Granados

How to Break Into the Most In-Demand Job in Tech - with Diego Granados

Show Notes

These days nearly every company is, or is in the process of becoming, a tech company. Retailers have mobile apps and e-commerce platforms. Grocery stores no longer expect customers to come inside to shop — they can place an order online and pick it up outside the store, or have it delivered right to their homes.

Take McDonald's for instance - McD is more than just a burger joint today. It has essentially become a restaurant that offers its customers premium digital experiences such as its easy ordering through the mobile application, loyalty drops and self-order kiosks — thereby transforming the 'fast food experience'.

This proliferation of technology in every day businesses has resulted in a huge growth in a specific set of skills that companies highly desire today. The increasing need to bridge the gap between - Customer, Business and Technology, has given rise to  “Product Management”, and Product Managers or PMs for short, have quickly become one of the most sought after roles within the Digital Economy.

Today, we speak to Diego Granados, Senior AI/ML Product Manager at Microsoft and one of the best Content Creators on Youtube helping people all over the world, break into Product Management.

He provides the THC community with some incredible insights into what the role of a Product Manager entails, what gap did he see to create a platform to share his advice and tips to get into the space and the all important question.. Do you need to have a technical background to get into Product Management?

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