How Technology Can Help Save Family Memories – with Amelia Lin

How Technology Can Help Save Family Memories – with Amelia Lin

Show Notes

So many of our family stories are formative to our personal background, traditions, and even
our identity, so why hasn't there been an app to save and share it all?

Amelia Lin, Founder and CEO of Saga took it upon herself to create an app that does all of that for you. Saga is a Private Family Podcast that saves and shares audio recordings that your family members can upload with a simple phone call. Your loved ones record their answer in their own voice, on their own time, with no pressure. It's made easy for anyone to use — you can record by dialing a special phone number, even without a smartphone or the app.

Weekly questions can be recommended like "how did you meet mom?" or you can add your own personal questions that you want to hear. It's a digital solution to having the ability to pass down stories and experiences to future generations within your family.

Tune in to hear how the idea for stemmed, how it works, and how you can use it to share and save your family memories with your loved ones.

Additionally, Saga has just been featured on NBC for the holidays! They have a holiday question pack update with AARP in the app for free, for families to connect this holiday during COVID.

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