How Stellar Is Perfecting the Internet while on the Go with Damien Garot & Hassan Aouisse

How Stellar Is Perfecting the Internet while on the Go with Damien Garot & Hassan Aouisse

Show Notes

We've all experienced that frustrating moment: right in the middle of an important conversation or a productive work session, our digital connection suddenly drops, leaving us stranded in silence. It's these unexpected disconnections that highlight a glaring gap in our modern, connected lives.

Well, Today on Things Have Changed Podcast, we're joined by Damien Garot, CEO, and Hassan Aouisse, CTO of Stellar, a deep tech startup on a mission to perfect internet while on the move. By ingeniously combining cellular networks, WiFi, and satellite technology, they're tackling one of the last big hurdles to staying connected anywhere, anytime.

Join us as we dive into the story of Stellar - the inspirations, obstacles, and breakthroughs that have marked their journey to build a truly seamless internet experience for the mobile world. This is more than just a preview of new technology; it's a conversation about how overcoming the digital divide can transform our daily lives, ensuring not a single call, message or byte of data ever gets lost along the way.

Transcript & Highlights

Stellar: Revolutionizing Internet Connectivity on the Move

In today's increasingly mobile world, reliable internet connectivity while traveling or commuting has become a frustrating challenge. Slow and spotty connections disrupt our ability to stay productive and connected on the go. Enter Stellar, a pioneering tech startup revolutionizing the way we access the internet while on the move.

The Stellar Solution: A Seamless Hybrid Network

Stellar's innovative solution integrates cellular, Wi-Fi, and satellite networks, ensuring a seamless and reliable internet experience regardless of location. By intelligently switching between these networks, Stellar provides uninterrupted connectivity, even in areas with limited infrastructure.

Key Features of Stellar's Technology

  • Flexible Integration: Stellar's software can run on existing hardware in vehicles, seamlessly integrating with built-in systems.
  • Intelligent Network Selection: Advanced algorithms continuously analyze network quality, application requirements, and environmental factors to select the optimal network for a given situation.
  • Frequent Network Switching: Stellar's technology can switch between networks up to 20 times during a 30-minute drive, ensuring consistently reliable connectivity.

Benefits for Automotive and Transportation Industries

  • Enhanced Connectivity for Vehicles: Stellar's solution enables vehicles to stay connected, facilitating over-the-air updates, entertainment, and future self-driving capabilities.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide: By leveraging satellite networks, Stellar can provide internet access in remote and underserved areas, ensuring connectivity for transportation and logistics operations.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Stellar recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaborations, working closely with industry leaders in the automotive, telecommunications, and satellite sectors. These collaborations enable the development of standardized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each industry.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, Stellar is at the forefront of revolutionizing internet connectivity on the move. With its innovative hybrid network approach, Stellar promises to enhance productivity, entertainment, and safety for individuals and businesses alike, reshaping the future of connectivity.

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