Designing an App for Billions of Users – with Jean-Marc Denis

Designing an App for Billions of Users – with Jean-Marc Denis

Show Notes

Communication apps have become vital in our day to day lives with  popular mobile messaging like Whatsapp, Signal, and Facebook Messenger connecting users the world over. It's staggering to think that people send over 30 BILLION messages a day, just through messaging clients.

Today, on Things Have Changed, we talk to someone who has been at the forefront of product design for many of the technology communication apps that we use today.

Jean Marc Denis is Director of Design at Facebook and has been behind many of the incredible features we take for granted today on Messenger, such as reactions and our favorite feature here at THC, the gorgeous Dark Mode. Also, what's special about this conversation is JM's breakdown of his experience building one of the first email clients on the app store, the widely loved  Sparrow.

The ingenious design and UI brought tech giant knocking and Google acquire Sparrow in 2012. The acqui-hire resulted in Jean-Marcs foray into "Gmail” and the birth of material design, a design language created by Google in 2014.

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