How Bots Are Disrupting Journalism – with Przemek Chojecki

How Bots Are Disrupting Journalism – with Przemek Chojecki

Show Notes

In March 2019, over 4.4 million blogs were published around the globe every single day. With only so many writers, it’s becoming difficult to create stories from the amount of data we have today.

Przemek Chojecki, Founder and CEO of Contentyze, aims to fix the inefficiencies in  journalism with a content generation platform built to disrupt how journalism and content marketing works through Artificial Intelligence.


Contentyze’s goal isn’t to replace journalists, but rather assist them in their writing, helping them to focus on the creative side of things while improving their writing craft. Though Contentyze is in the early stages of development, it has already conducted over 1000 interviews of Executives in a very short time period. A streamlined content generator at scale.

Artificial Intelligence Trailblazer and Forbes 30 under 30

Przemek’s background is extensive and has taken him to new frontiers that haven't been explored. Born in Warsaw, Poland Przemek has always been curious about mathematics and research. Completing his mathematics PhD in Paris, Przemek became a Research Fellow at Oxford University. Having a passion for writing Przemek authored 3 novels with topics ranging from his learnings about AI, traveling the world, and even philosophical conversations on the meaning of life.

A former Forbes 30 under 30, Przemek has been recognized for his work in AI and constant curiosity to find answers and meaning in our ever changing world. Join us to learn about Przemek’s extensive research background, Contentyze’s mission, and how AI is changing journalism today.

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