Trying to Stay Employable During COVID-19

Trying to Stay Employable During COVID-19

Show Notes

According to OECD estimates, technology will transform about 1/3 of the jobs worldwide (1 BILLION JOBS). Earlier in 2020 we had another Davos Conference, the economic conference where a lot of important people show off how much they've been doing for the good of the world. The conference highlighted the issues within Capitalism, and one of which that was focused on Shareholder and the value produced for them. The leaders of the world have suggested that companies should focus on stakeholders instead, including employees and the community.

"Stakeholder Capitalism"
Marc Benioff is one of the leaders that joined the panel on the "Reskilling Revolution". He stresses that Capitalism is DEAD and that Shareholder Capitalism has brought the world towards inequality and natural calamities one after the other. He champions the new approach of "Stakeholder Capitalism" means that we need to focus on improving the workforce. He himself had led the program for Trailhead, an online reskilling platform that currently has 2 million "learners" on it with a goal of jumping up to 10 million.

Reskilling, Upskilling, and Learning
Reskilling is basically when you've decided to do a career shift and you realized that you need some training in order to do that job! Lately, we've just heard that Scandanavian Airlines had to lay off about 90% of their flight attendants. They led the effort in a public-private partnership to retrain the cabin crew to be able to help in the Healthcare industry.

For How Much?
In-state public national universities grew by 72% in the period of 2008 to 2021. The value proposition of universities are dwindling because they cannot keep up with how fast the need for new jobs are changing. Can you find "Growth Marketing" or "Product Management" in your traditional universities? probably not. But sometimes, they do teach some random shit like underwater basketweaving (Here is a list of universities that do that)

More and more Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) are popping up to fill the demand for new jobs. We've just had Mehak Vorha on the show who built a company called OnDelta, which is an online bootcamp that is training the next generation of Growth Hackers!

Check out our episode with Mehak!

If you're interested in Reskilling yourself, check out this list!

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