Deglobalization in Corporate Supply Chains? – with Jimmy Anklesaria

Deglobalization in Corporate Supply Chains? – with Jimmy Anklesaria

Show Notes

Supply Chain has never been more talked about, as the pandemic strains the availability of goods and services & the ability of companies to secure raw materials and components.

Today we have Jimmy Anklesaria, Supply Chain Pioneer, Tech Founder, Professor, Author and Philanthropist, joining us on Things Have Changed, and we dive into his beginnings in the field, his varied larger than life consulting experiences during the heydays at HP, IBM and others, as well as his passion for giving back be it through teaching or through philanthropy.

We dive into what the future of supply chains would look like, with trends such as de-globalization gathering steam, as multi national corporations aim to de-risk their supply lines.
One of the biggest trends in the field has been Big Data, with Jimmy elucidating an incredible example of how Flex, is able to manage its supply chain using a sophisticated in-house intelligence platform, Pulse which provides deep insight and visibility into its supplier operations.

About -
Jimmy Anklesaria, is the Founder & Chairman of the Anklesaria Group, a Cost Management and Supply Chain Consulting firm which for over 30 years has consulted with & guided some of the biggest companies in the world such as HP, IBM, Chevron & Shell to name a few.

Jimmy has also authored books such as "Supply Chain Cost Management: The AIM & DRIVE Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results" & "Zero Base Pricing: Achieving World-Class Competitiveness Through Reduced All-In-Costs."  

Over the past three decades, as an Adjunct Professor at UC San Diego & University of San Diego, Jimmy Anklesaria has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in strategic cost management, finance, investments and supply chain management.

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