Why The Future of Gaming is Subscription

Why The Future of Gaming is Subscription

Show Notes

If you’ve ever played games on a console before like the xbox, playstation, nintendo, or even the game boy, you probably remember how expensive it was to have all the games you wanted to play. I mean, each game could cost you over $50! Not to mention then console you needed to have to play it! To give you an idea, an Xbox series X costs half a GRAND today!

Well, it’s never been a better time to become a gamer.. with the inception of cloud-based gaming, it proves that there is an active effort to get games across all your consoles, PC’s, or even your mobile phone... As technology gets better for game-streaming, there is a chance that we can have a Netflix-like feel to gaming!

From XBox’s game pass, to the playstation’s playstation plus service, gaming is becoming more and more accessible to people who don’t have the cash to buy ALL the games you’ve ever wanted to play. If Microsoft is actually able to purchase Activision Blizzard, the consolidation in the space will hasten. Again, the platforms are buying content that could in turn, lead into another streaming service war - The Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs HBO Max vs Disney Plus Vs Hulu war will also exist in the video gaming space..

Today, on Things Have Changed Podcast, we’re going to talk about how the subscription Economy has officially infiltrated gaming!

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