How to Build a Better AI For Your Business – with Hyun Kim

How to Build a Better AI For Your Business – with Hyun Kim

Show Notes

Is it possible to make artificial intelligence more accessible to companies, both large and small?

Our latest episode is with Hyun Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Superb AI, that is aiming to solve this challenge and building a platform that aims to make shipping AI models easier.

With a highly technical team, that spans 25+ research publications, 7,300 research citations and 100+ patents in computer vision and deep learning technology, Superb AI aims to utilize decades of experience to lower the hurdle for industries to adopt machine-learning technology.

With the rockstar team, SuperbAI uses deep learning AI to label and analyze images and videos up to 10 times faster than manual processes can! It's no wonder, their clients include not only small businesses but also Samsung, LG, Qualcomm and Pokémon Go maker Niantic.

With a recent $9.3 million financing round, Hyun and team, are looking to expand further in North America and enter Europe. And we at THC cannot wait for this future to unfold 🚀

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