Can Meditation Apps Be Used For Prayer? – with Alex Jones

Can Meditation Apps Be Used For Prayer? – with Alex Jones

Show Notes

In a time when stress levels are high and many people feel stuck there are many mindfulness apps that help you destress and stay centered. Today we speak with co-founder and CEO of Hallow, Alex Jones.

With over 1.28 billion members of the Roman Catholic church, many people have struggled to stay connected in their faith. Hallow aims to help people combine the peace and stillness of meditation with the spiritual growth of prayer. The app is comparable to the popular mindfulness meditation apps trending today, but was built with a lens of Christian faith. It offers a variety of prayer techniques, a choice in audio guides, sessions organized by theme, and options for session length.

Since its inception in April 2018, Hallow has been downloaded 320,000 times helping its users become more mindful, get closer to their faith, and benefit from its abundance of meditation activities offered.

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